Hey! Welcome to my contact page. I'm available for contract work within these categories:

Unity game developer: Have a mobile app or HTML 5 game you want developed? I can develop it with a high amount of polish in a great amount of time. I use Unity and program within c#, provide the art assets and project brief and you'll have an amazing game! I also work on bigger projects so contact me for those as well!

Level designer/developer: Need amazing maps for your game where game play and visual aesthetics are combined? Contact me for amazing levels where everyone is drawn in by the graphics but stay for the amazing game play.

Unity VR game: Want to develop a VR game? I can help you with that. I've taught a VR course where we made a 3rd person VR game similar to lucky tail using Android and Samsung Gear VR.

Special effects: Have a level but need the correct mix of lighting, post processing and particle effects? Check out my speed environment design series and see if my skills suit your game! If they do contact me through my email below.

Why should you work with me? 

  • I've developed and published three Mobile games: Slime SlayerSky Rider and Cube Dodge
  • I taught game development for 2 years at NSI TAFE St leonards campus. I had a heavy focus in game play programming using c#, lecturing game design and teaching level development to Diploma students. I also designed and taught holiday courses for VR game development and consulted/worked on advanced diploma student game projects that were showcased at PAX 2016.
  • I've used Unity and Unreal Engine 4 to develop over 14 environments
  • I developed and showcased two games at PAX AUS, Planet punch and Sir Patches
  • I've competed in 15 game jams [Game jam games]
  • I've organised game jam and LAN party events for NSI Tafe St leonards campus

What software can I use?

  • Unity 3D
  • Visual Studio [C# language] 
  • Playmaker
  • Shader Forge
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Blue prints
  • Maya
  • Blender
  • Magicavoxel
  • Photoshop
  • Substance Painter
  • Substance Designer