Sky Rider - Developing an android game in less than 2 weeks

Welcome back to my blog, I hope you enjoyed the first post about Slime Slayer. This post is about Sky Rider my android store experiment. 

Sky Rider is a one tap android game with really nice 3D art but simple game play similar to Stars path and Zig Zag. My main goal was to see how long it takes to develop the mechanics/ art of a top mobile game that has 1 million to 5 million downloads. 

It was a surprisingly short amount of time especially as I developed everything by myself. I kept the mechanic simple which allowed me to quickly program the game and spend most of the time polishing. In terms of art it's a super low poly and simple character with a rig but no animations. I simply have a floating script and I rotated the arms a little + head in Unity to the character a little more life. What I found to be most surprising was how important marketing is. Marketing is a subject I have not invested time in before so when I realized that my game had very little downloads I realized I had to get into action and begin marketing it.

This is one of the benefits of creating a game in 2 weeks which is polished enough to be on the store, it allowed me to experiment and see what problems I would run into If I did a bigger release. Now I'm learning as much as possible about marketing and I'll be applying it to Sky Rider. If your interested in starting marketing for your games I highly recommend this video.

With all of these lessons I learn I'll be able to apply them to the next game which is very exciting! As always, enjoy the GIF :) 

Matthew Palaje