Slime Slayer - It's been a long time coming

Hey! Welcome to my first blog. At the start of this year I started development on a game called Slime Slayer. I had the core mechanics completed quite early but the person I was developing it with and I lost contact. 

Around the time we lost contact I had developed it to a stage where we could do public testing. I left the project alone and came back to it as the year went on. I released a web version on Itch where you can play here. You might be thinking, great! You published it on the web and got people to play it, the problem with this is that It was designed and developed to be a mobile game which I converted into a web game. 

So that brings us to now, I recently released Sky Rider and started up a YouTube channel which has motivated me to complete Slime Slayer for the android play store. I'm very excited to finally get this game on the intended device in a polished state and I will be posting blogs until it releases, after that I'll move onto blogging about my next game. 

Thanks for reading! I'll do a reflect on Slime Slayer after the release so you can learn something from my mistakes. In the mean time enjoy this GIF :) 

Matthew Palaje