Slime Slayer - Adding power ups

I've been considering how to make my games more interesting. I posted on reddit about my game called Planet Punch and someone recommended a lot of features to add in. It gave me a ton of ideas for my other games. 

Sometimes it can seem very obvious as to what you should add to other games but when it comes to your own games you can get way too pigeonholed. My solution to making Slime Slayer better is quite common and comes in the form of power ups. There are 3 power ups all up, the first one is a shield which will block cannon balls for a few seconds, the next one stops cannon balls from firing for a few seconds and the final one allows the player to move incredibly fast for a few seconds.

Next thing on the list is ways to add progression into the game to keep players coming back. My two solutions so far are extra characters and levels that the player unlocks by collecting a form of currency in the game. This currency is sometimes dropped when you defeat a slime.

I would also love to expand on the game environment's and develop maps which have traps and unique layouts so that the player can feel a sense of mastery within the player mechanics.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the gif :)

Matthew Palaje