Ludum Dare 37 - Nobi Sword

Hey everyone! Since Slime Slayer was released I spent some time to plan the future and I also entered in Ludum Dare. If you're not sure what Ludum Dare is, it's a 72 hour game jam which that is run online. I only had around 40 of those hours as I found out about it last minute and couldn't resist joining in!

I feel like I did a great job, I put in a lot of energy and effort, and hopefully that shows in my game. It's by no means perfect but I believe it's an enjoyable game. 

The game I made is called Nobi Sword. It's a game about growing your sword in order to defeat the boss in each level. Enemies smaller then your sword can be killed allowing it to grow in size which leads to you defeating bigger monsters. 

I was watching gameplay of We Love Katamari before the jam so that most likely inspired this game idea! I learned a lot from entering into this jam, I feel that with each game I develop I'm learning that the focus is on the mechanics first. Try to develop that 30 second loop which is fun for the player that games such as Halo have achieved. It's not easy but I'm slowly getting there, the feedback for the game has been great so far, I've learned where the game has failed and also succeeded which is going to help me out a lot for the global game jam!

If you're in Sydney come to the St Leonards Campus and I'll meet you there :) 

Shortly I'll be developing a blog post about great game jam tools and most likely a YouTube video as well. If you want to check out the game have a look at these two links :)

Gameplay video
Link to the game

I hope you enjoy it :) 

Matthew Palaje