Happy new year! Game development goals in 2017!

Hey guys! I'm a little late but... Happy new year! It's 2017 and I'm so excited for this year! I have so many goals to achieve this year for very valid reasons other then it's a new year.

For the last 2 years I taught game development, a very good job which taught me so much. Now It's the time to follow my own path! I've been building my YouTube, Twitter and Instagram up and I'm having a ton of success! I'm really enjoying developing social media content whilst developing my game.

Speaking of the game I haven't posted about it! It does not have a name yet but it's going extremely well! I've nearly fully developed the players mechanics and I've started development on the first 18 levels. Before you panic about scope don't worry! They are small levels like Super Monkey Ball or Marble Blast Ultra. They are focused around building up player mechanics just like in Mario! I highly recommend checking out Mark Browns 4 step Mario level design video to understand the philosophy I'm following.

I've also started a dev log which I'm excited to share with you, I'll be embedding it below.

Now for my goals of 2017, here they are:

  • Get a game through Steam Green Light! I plan on getting the game I'm working on now through it
  • Reach 2000 YouTube subscribers! A crazy goal but I'm working really hard and I believe I can reach it
  • Progress to a new level on all body weight exercises! I've been training nearly every day of the week and I want to get super strong at body weight exercises! I also wanna be able to do more rounds on the heavy bag.
  • Sell my game on steam! This is the last one and a massive one for me. If I could get my game through Green Light, make sales and most importantly make the players happy that would be amazing. 

Those are my goals for this year, probably sounds crazy but I work hard everyday and I believe I can do it!

Thanks so much for reading my blog, I'll see you in the next one!


Matthew Palaje