Switching over to the Unreal Engine 4!

Hey everyone! If you've come from my Twitter, YouTube or you've read my blog before you'll know I've been using the Unity Engine for quite sometime. Recently I've been looking at the Unreal Engine and the type of post processing and lighting it gives you is something I want to have in my games.

I have many of the Unity Asset Store post processing packs and lighting plugins but they never look quite the same. After spending some time with Unreal Engine I'm beyond happy with it! It's a lot more technical but it has so much more too offer and i'm so happy that I'm learning it. 

This is now my second week in the engine and I developed my first speed level design environment which I'll leave a link to below. I'm currently working on my first Unreal Engine game which will be super simple and probably will follow a game a month methodology until I develop something worth making into a commercial product. 

Update on my life:
A quick update on my goals, I'm just about to hit 800 subscribers on YouTube which is insane! I've been working out nearly everyday and I'm learning Japanese! It was a hard decision to leave my job at the end of last year but I've gained so much that it's been worth it. For a while I had a lot of doubt but recently I've been progressing so much further into becoming a better version of myself and I'm really happy. 

Thanks for reading my blog post and I'll see you in the next one! 

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