Making progress in Unreal Engine 4

Hey everyone! Last time I posted I had done an environment in UE4 and 3 simple test levels. Since that time I've developed two more environments using a low poly style with completely different atmospheres which I'm very proud off. 

It's very easy to stick to a certain colour palette or style that you're comfortable with but it's not as rewarding as branching out and trying new styles.

In this low poly environment with the floating islands I must have had no mans sky imagery on my mind because I did a very similar colour palette. The assets were really fun to use and I love how you can use the terrain paint brush on all mesh surfaces in Unreal Engine. In Unity you can only paint Terrain with the brush meaning you have to duplicate and move all of your grass/trees if you're doing a low poly environment without terrain. 

In the next environment I wasn't 100 percent sure what I was going for but I had done some research on UE4 games and remember seeing something with a very strong atmosphere similar to the game Inside but more colourful. I wanted to try do this in my own way and was very happy with the results! It heavily relies on the silhouettes of the meshes as you can only see the texture of the object when the lights are emitting on the surfaces of the objects. I really enjoyed using these low poly art assets to achieve something different. 

The flexibility in the tone mapping for Unreal is a step above Unity, I have a lot more options which can lead to frustration but once you get past that and try your best to figure it all out I found that I was more happy with the results. The Tone mapping, lighting and particles are what gives this environment I developed it's unique look. 

Thanks for reading my blog post, I hope it had something useful in it! I'll see you in the next one. 

Matthew PalajeComment