Paid Resources

Jesse Schell - The Art Of Game Design

The Art Of Game Design is a great read as you'll learn pretty much everything about the fundamentals of game design. 

From this book you'll be able to then build a really strong foundation through experiences of developing games and reading other books/ listening to great lectures at events/YouTube.

Robert Greene - Mastery

Mastery is not a book about game development. It's a book that explores mastering skills in any area that you are passionate about. 

In this book you get to learn the behaviours of people such as Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin. I picked this book up as Leonardo da Vincii is a massive inspiration to me and I wanted to learn more about his methods. After reading through the entire book, I can say that every study was interesting and you learn so much from each individual.

if you want to learn methods of becoming better in anything you are passivisation about in a faster and smarter way then I highly recommend this book. Outside of all this I'm big on self improvement, so if you want to become a stronger version of yourself then I highly recommend picking up this book. 


Derek Yu - Spelunky

The Spelunky book is written by Derek Yu. Derek Yu is the developer of Spelunky which is an amazing indie game and is highly regarded in the indie scene.

You learn a lot about his design/development methods, how he got into game development and how Spelunky all came together. It's a really interesting, educational and valuable read for any indie game developer.


Timothy Ferriss - Tools Of Titans

Tools Of Titans has so much valuable information that I would just say go buy it.
Here is the reason why I'm recommending another non game development book. We need the knowledge and ability to run our own business, do marketing and get our brands out as indie game developers.
If we can't do this our games and studios would sink. Many game developers don't like discussing the entrepreneur side of game development but it is super important. Having a great game just isn't enough.

This book contains very valuable information from over 100 interviews with successful actors, business creators, entrepreneurs, athletes, Special Operations commanders, all kinds of people. Through all of these various fields you'll get amazing information from many different perspectives. All of this has really helped me adopt better mindsets and philosophies which in turn helps me in game development and also in becomming the strongest version of myself.

Free Resources

The Marketing Guide for Game Developers

The Marketing Guide For Game Developers is an amazing resource. You'll learn the entire process of game development through 4 key aspects:

  • The game itself

  • Communication/Promotion

  • Price

  • Distribution

Kenney NL Free Game Assets

Kenney has a bunch of amazing public domain art assets that you can use to rapidly prototype games or for commercial products.