Desktop Games

Planet Punch

Planet Punch is a game that I developed for Pax Aus 2016. It was designed to be a 3 - 5 minute demo that people would play to see the ability of one of the teachers from NSI Games TAFE. The game was very popular at our booth and got amazing feedback. I took the game jam version of this game and polished it over 2 weeks to get it to this state. I developed this version of the game by myself. 


VR Games

Ray The Robot

Ray The Robot is a VR 3rd person platformer that I made for the Epic Games Mega Jam 2017. 

The game focuses on forming a relationship between Ray and the player through motion controller interactions. Run, jump and power devices as Ray with the left motion controller. Shoot lasers and move objects with your laser beam using the right motion controller. Assist Ray through the dangerous enivronment! 

Developed with Unreal Engine 4 for the Oculus Rift. link:


Android Games

Slime Slayer

Slime Slayer is an Android game that I developed whilst teaching. It has a great low poly look, simple gameplay that is difficult to master, 4 game modes, achievements and leaderboards.

Sky Rider

Sky Rider is an android game that I developed in 1 week. I wanted to see how quickly I could develop a game similar to Zig Zag but in my own style. 

Cube Dodge

Cube Dodge is a game that I developed in 2 days. Day 1 was developing the core game and polishing the visuals. Day 2 was about getting the store assets ready and publishing onto the Android Store. This game was to test how quickly I could develop and publish an Android game. It features ads, achievements and leaderboards. 


Game Jam Games

Sky Jump

Sky Jump is a game jam game that I developed along side Raymond Cripps. We have 48 hours to develop this game. I foccused on the programming, level design and environment modelling. Ray foccused on the character design/modelling, user interface, enemy development and music. We both designed this game.


Guardian Of Time

Guardian Of Time was developed for the Let's Create Game Jam #1. In this game you have to collect the 10 shards of time before the level collapses. Whilst collecting the shards fight enemies to regain time but don't get hit or fall of the stage!



Reflector is a game that I developed for the Mirror Game Jam. The Mirror Game Jam is a game jam event that I ran for my YouTube community. In Reflector you can reflect or absorb projectiles.  Fight your way through the enemies, turn of the barrier and destroy the main frame. 

Super RollaBird

Super RollaBird was made in a 48 hour game jam game. Collect crystals to grow in size and eat the cake! I developed all of the blueprints, environments (Modelling and level design/development), user interface implementation. Memia Lin created the main character, the gems and the characters in the level. Raymond Cripps developed the music and user interface art assets for the game.


Lantern Quest was developed in 1 day in around 7 hours. I was really happy with the results! It has pretty fun gameplay, online leaderboards and simple but nice graphics. 

I developed this by myself.

Planet Punch

Planet Punch was developed at a 48 hour game jam. In this game you control a ghost type character shooting enemies on a planet. It's an endless spherical world twin stick shooter.

I foccused on programming the game, developing the simple environment and doing the lighting/ post processing effects. Memia Lin developed the main character and enemy art assets. Raymond Cripps developed the music for the game.

Nobi Sword

Nobi Sword is an action arcade game where each kill allows your sword to grow. You can only kill enemies that are as big as your sword and you must avoid being hit by enemies/hazards in order to survive.

I developed the game by myself for a Ludum Dare game jam.


VR Prototypes