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Game Development

Over the last 4 years I have been a games developer and teacher. Using Unity and the Unreal Engine for mobile, desktop and recently VR experiences.



Level Design And Development

I am passionate about designing levels and then creating them for games. I have developed many environments within Unity and Unreal Engine 4. I create regular Speed Level Design videos on YouTube to receive feedback from thousands of other developers.


Let's Create

Let's Create is a series of videos that teach blueprints and other systems in unreal engine 4. The goal of the series is to inspire, motivate and teach people visual scripting. Allowing anyone to develop a game from knowing nothing. My tutorials have over 100,000+ views and have inspired people to start game development. 

Speed Level design

Speed level design is a video series where I create levels in under 2 hours. I then speed up the footage so people can see an accelerated view of the process. It also allows me to practice a few times a month and improve my skills in design, composition, lighting and post processing effects.

Game development videos

I have a series of videos that document my game development journey. These are designed to show off my progress and motivate/inspire others. I'm currently starting my VR game development journey.




Discord community

This is my YouTube channel discord community. We discuss various aspects of game development and have over 1000 users