Asset mega list

Below you'll find a combination of free and paid for Unity assets that I use/ have used. I'll be adding to this as time goes on. Last updated on the 23/03/2017


Camera Filter Pack

Starting with a must have paid asset called Camera Filter Pack. This asset allows you to completely change the mood of your scene with simple LUT textures or impressive camera effects. I feel like I can achieve any style I want using this + my 3D modelling/texturing skills so I highly recommend trying it out.


Amplify color

Camera Filter pack is amazing and so is Amplify color. I've used this many times, it's similar to camera filter pack but since it each one has unique options I find myself switching between the two of them depending on the scene. I highly recommend using this asset.



Lutify gives you access to 140 more luts which gives you even more flexibility in creating unique scenes. I've used this in quite a few of my projects and can highly recommend it.


Uber Shader

The Uber Shader is amazing!! I never use the standard shader anymore. If I'm doing realistic texturing work and want the best results I will develop my textures in Substance Painter and use the Uber Shader to show them off. Another highly recommended asset.


Lux Shader

I used the Lux shader before purchasing Uber Shader. Firstly Lux is still amazing and it's a major step up from standard shaders, secondly it's free! You have a free version and paid version, I used the free version shaders in planet punch which was praised for it's visuals at pax. If you can't afford to purchase Lux or Uber shader use the free shaders they are amazing! Highly recommended.


X weapon trail

X weapon trail is amazing! If you want to improve upon the "Game feel" or "Juice" of your weapons use X weapon trail as it's such a simple solution. You'll have it up and running within a few minutes. It's very affordable for the great job it does. Highly recommended.


Shader Forge

I've been using Shader Forge since it released. It was and still is such an amazing tool in Unity to create shaders with nodes. This works extremely well with me as I'm a very visual person. The work flow is great, tons of shortcuts, many tutorials and good documentation. I highly recommend this asset, especially if the idea of developing shaders is intimidating. You can get some fantastic results with a bit of research and playing around.


Graveyard assets - RPG Lite

RPG Lite contains graveyard assets which I used for my Graveyard environment. They are amazing and free! I highly recommend this asset! You can also purchase the full version which I'll link below, it contains an amazing amount of assets which you can use in combination with code to develop an entire game!

Particle Playground

Particle playground is an amazing asset, if you need a solution for developing more complicated special effects look no further. The default Unity particle system is great but it can only take you so far. I can highly recommend this asset for people looking to take their special effects to the next level!

ProBuilder Advanced

ProBuilder is an amazing solution for developing quick prototype levels within Unity without using external programs such as Maya or 3ds max. If you become good at it and have textures you could even use ProBuilder to develop complete maps for an indie game or AAA game. I highly recommend this asset especially to anyone looking for a simple to use but in depth solution for interior level development.


A* Pathfinding Project

A* Pathfinding project is an amazing solution for anyone who wants complex/optimized AI with little effort to setup. You can have very intelligent units within your game just by changing inspector settings and not touching a line of code. I've used this asset for many projects when dead lines were short or when I wanted to speed up development. Of course an in house solution is always more powerful as you have a ground up understanding but if you don't have the time to develop your own A* system this asset is simple to use and very effective. I highly recommend it! 


When I was teaching we needed a solution for artists and designer to develop games without teaching programming. PlayMaker was that solution, if you are an artist/designer who does not have enough time to spend learning c# I can highly recommend using PlayMaker. There are tons of tutorials and a lot of great documentation surrounding it, you'll have the power to bring your ideas to life! I highly recommend it!!


Universal Sound FX

Before using this pack I used BFXR which is an amazing sound generator. It didn't have everything I needed, especially when moving onto bigger games where realistic sound effects were expected. Universal Sound FX is an amazing solution, especially for people who don't have the resources to develop their own sound effects. I can highly recommend it!



Gaia is one of the best solutions for any and all developers looking to make a AAA environment. If you want to make a game like Dark Souls or Skyrim Gaia can cut down the time to get there dramatically. You an use Gaia with a bunch of custom options to generate an amazing looking terrain which you can then give a hand crafted feel to.

Low Poly Free Pack

Low Poly Free Pack is an asset pack that I used in my YouTube speed level design video. It was fantastic to work with and I'd use this in a game. It has modular assets making it easy to construct environments and they look very nice allowing you to have a polished product in a short amount of time. Highly recommended! 


Fantasy Skybox

Fantasy skybox is a very affordable option for having cartoon/anime inspired skyboxes. You can of course create your own but if you're low on time these look amazing!! There is also a free version which is very useful for prototyping. I highly recommended it! 



UFPS is a great solution for saving time on your massive FPS projects! First person shooter games can be very time consuming to develop, especially content heavy FPS games where the focus on AI, level design, art assets, story and music is daunting enough . UFPS is a great solution for this problem and will allow you to have a great system that you can easily change through the inspector or code. If you're working on an FPS in a small team I can highly recommend using UFPS!



I grew up playing a lot of MMORPGS, making one was always a dream of mine. Even with the programming and art skills I've gained now, developing one is such a daunting task due to the massive scope. I believe with a project as big as an  MMORPG pride should not get in your way! This is something I've dealt with and this is why I'm very excited to recommend uMMORPG. I highly recommend checking out the videos and reading the documentation to see exactly how this asset will cut down your development time. If building an mmorpg has been a dream of yours and you have a good background in programming I can highly recommend uMMORPG. I want to mention one thing, you will need experience before attempting to develop an MMORPG I believe you need a very solid amount of game development experience and programming experience before using this asset. If you have that and are excited to dive into developing an MMORPG then get this asset!

Final IK

Need a full body IK system in your game but don't have the time? Final IK while pricey is worth every dollar and is a fantastic solution. It's been supported for 2 years and is still going strong, the developers always answer questions and there are a ton of users who can help you out. If you want a specific feature you can also message the developers and see if they have enough demand to put it in. I can highly recommend this asset!


Curved World

If you want to develop a game like Mario Galaxy, or want to warp the level like in Mario Kart then this is the asset you want. It's super affordable and can be used on mobile/desktop. I am using this asset and can highly recommend it!


Mesh Materializer

This collection of tools gives your game a unique visual style which can help set you apart from the masses. Take different art assets and have them presented in different ways. Can even work with terrains to create an amazing visual style. I highly recommend this asset!

Ultimate VFX

I highly recommend watching the trailer for this asset as you'll pretty much want this quality of effects in your game. They promise AAA quality effects and deliver on that promise! 

Third person controller + Melee combat template

This asset will save you so much time when developing a 3rd person action game. It'll handle all types of movement from running, jumping, climbing, slopes and vaulting over cover. On top of that it has a melee system in place! I highly recommend this asset.

Low Poly Portal Pack

The Low Poly Portal Pack is a fantastic asset for desktop and mobile development. If you're into VR I highly recommend picking this up, you can do many different game modes using the portal as the main focus point. Protecing the portal from waves of enemies, enemies coming out of the portal and doing a tower defence type game etc.. I highly recommend this asset. 

Stylized Water Shader

I love this water shader, I've used it in a few of my games. You can see it in Cube Dodge my mobile game. It works for both PC and desktop games. If you wanted a water shader to get effects similar to Zelda Wind Waker then you'll be very happy with this purchase.