Unity 5

Castle Environment

An environment I created in 40 minutes. This environment was to practice composition, lighting and post processing effects. 

Crystal ruins Environment

An environment I created in 30 minutes. My goal was to practice lighting, post processing and developing a dynamic camera which you can see at the end of the video.

Graveyard Environment

An environment I created in 1 hour. I wanted to focus on a bigger space that was filled with lots of detail.  

First person shooter hallway

An environment I created in 45 minutes. I wanted to develop a hall way with great lighting and atmosphere with a minimal amount of assets. 

Low poly islands

An environment that I created in 30 minutes. I wanted to practice a more colorful any playful scene. This is my first YouTube video which contains an environment focused around open water. I hope you enjoy it :)

Cyber Soldiers vs Invaders

An environment that I'm super proud of! I developed it in around an hour. I developed atmosphere with the rain particles and the splashes on the ground. The environment has reflections and a good use of lighting/sunshafts. The story for this environment is that the Alien invaders have come to earth and the Cyber Soliders have to fight back.

Unity 5 speed level design - RTS Level [Warcraft 3 inspired]

My RTS/Warcraft 3 inspired level! I played a ton of Warcraft 3 custom maps back in the day. Enjoy!

Unity 5 speed level design - Toon islands and houses

I love WindWaker and whilst this isn't completely inspired by it I did have it on my mind when developing this. It has a really nice stylised look and the water is great. Enjoy!

Unity 5 speed level design - Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker inspired environment

An environment inspired by a game that I really enjoy called Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. This would be an idea for a mobile version of the game if it was to exist.

Unity 5 speed level design - Ratchet and clank inspired environment

This environment is holds references to Ratchet and Clank, It was strucutred with enemies, turrets and platforming sections just like Ratchet and Clank style games.